There's something about the Salt Flats...

When couples choose to create memories in the Salt Flats, magic happens. Especially when these moments are some of the most integral and memorable in life. Engagements, elopements, and intimate weddings are no stranger to the Flats, and adding a dash of elegance with a Salt Gowns dress is the perfect combination.

J+D's Salt Flats engagements session was charming, elegant and truly so special.

While planning for their engagement session, the couple was unsure if their dream of shooting at the Salt Flats was going to happen. Between military deployments, and packed schedules - it seemed impossible.

newly engaged couple walking through the Salt Flats wearing formal attire during engagement session

But then the impossible became a reality.

Their legacy together is one filled with romance, devotion and adventure. D wore a few different Salt Gowns dresses that enhanced the feeling of elegance throughout their photos. She wore the Madison, Jordan, and Blair dresses. They were the perfect complement to the simplicity and power of the desolate Salt Flats.

These particular tulle dresses are so intricately designed, and are stitched together with such intention, they truly elevate and transform photographs.

If while browsing there are multiple dresses you're interested in, rent a few. Oftentimes Salt Gowns clients rent more than one dress for their session. We suggest renting a few gowns to allow your vision of your event to come to life. It's also fun to dress up in pretty dresses ;)

newly engaged couple holding hands wearing utah dress rentals from Salt Gowns
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woman and man holding hands and touching foreheads
couple standing together embracing wearing formal attire in Salt Flats engagement session
Photographer: Becca Photo
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