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Our Story

inspired by the salt flats


Salt is essential for life. It symbolizes new beginnings, purity, hope, abundance, and a return to wholeness. The Salt Flats is where salt meets the earth. To the naked eye, it appears as vast as the ocean, and is so flat you can almost see the curvature of the earth.

Just like us, the flats have endured the seasons of life. Weathering each storm with grace and beauty and strength, and somehow, always returning more beautiful, more expansive, and more breathtaking than before.

From the flats, the idea for Salt Gowns was born. Rooted in luxury, passion, and soul, Salt Gowns is my brainchild for capturing the moments you want to hold in the palm of your hand. The moments that make life truly magic. The moments that deserve dressing up for.

Every dress is unique, just like you.

Every dress is unique, just like you. Handmade from custom dressmakers in the United States Canada, Europe and around the world. I thoughtfully choose each dress with you and your special moment in mind. Some are bold. Some are bright. Some are subtle. Each one tells a story, and they are meant to be a part of yours.

Salt Gowns are for the moments that make up the fabric of your life, the ones you’ll never forget. Designed with purpose and stitched together with soul, I believe these dresses have the power to transform a fleeting moment to a moment that will stand the test of time.

As a photographer myself, I know how important it is for the dress, the colors, and the details to translate from real life to behind the lens. For this reason, Salt Gowns are specifically selected with the camera at the forefront, so you and your dress can shine.

We know you’ll love your dress as much as we do, and we want to make the process of renting as seamless as possible.

Meet the brain behind the brand

About the Owner

Rebecca Dahl is a self-made photographer who started out by taking photos of her horses over five years ago. She fell in love with capturing the beauty in simplicity, with the idea of stopping time in its tracks, and actually being able to, just for a moment, with a camera in hand.

Born and raised in Utah, the Salt Flats have always been a major source of inspiration for Becca as she evolved as a photographer, and her subjects changed from horses to women, couples, and families. As her photography business grew, she began to buy dresses for women to take photographs in. The dresses, with the tulle and the volume and the details, started to gain traction, and soon she found herself renting them out to photographers, and eventually clients. Fast forward to today, and her photography business has blossomed, with Salt Gowns being an integral part of the journey.

Becca specializes in maternity shoots, engagement shoots, couples shoots, family shoots, elopements, weddings, styled shoots and more. She currently resides in Utah on an idyllic five acre ranch with her husband and their four horses, three dogs, two cats, and honey bees. When she’s not taking photos, Becca can be found doing all things outdoors, from boating to skydiving, to camping, to riding horses.