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Where salt meets the earth. Salt Gowns are for those moments that make life magic. Moments that deserve dressing up for.

We offer Last Minute Rentals via UPS overnight. DM us on instagram @SaltGowns for details.

Our Dress Calendar automatically blocks out the next rolling 9 days. To get the dress ready, & shipped to arrive early & regular UPS Ground shipping days. DM or Email us for last minute rentals.

Salt Gown Rentals

Salt Gowns are one-of-a-kind - just like you. Handmade from custom dressmakers in the United States, Canada, Europe and all over the world, we thoughtfully choose each dress with you and your special moment in mind.

Most dresses are adjustable to fit sizes 2-14, plus size dresses available as well, please read the dress description for all the details.


Constantly changing and evolving like the seasons, your body contains the very essence of life pulsing through you. Capture this moment, just you and your babe, tethered between two worlds, in a dress that embodies your grace, beauty, and strength during this precious time.


Your love story is just beginning. Capture the moment your lives change forever in a fairytale dress that will stand the test of time.

This time in between, when it’s just the two of you, two worlds colliding to form a supernova. This is a season in your life that your will never forget. Capture the moment and save it forever in a dress that will move with you.


There is immense beauty in the chaos of the family you have created. Together, you are a unit, an entire world inside of this one, and time is fleeting. Remember this moment in a Salt Gown.

Styled Shoots

Planning a Styled shoot? We have so many beautiful dresses that will help make your vision be unique and come to life just that way you are envisioning. Explore and create your vision with a Salt Gowns Dress.

We know you’ll love your dress as much as we do, & we want to make the process of renting as seamless as possible.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I cannot say enough GREAT things about this Company!! The customer service is 12/10. So thankful to work with you @SaltGowns
— Kyla Brinson
Customer reviews
Becca, you are one of the sweetest souls on Earth. This summer has been the most busiest summer, event after event, that I forgot about my photoshoot. I had DMed you super late (like a day before I was supposed to leave) and I did not expect you to message me back and I definitely did not expect you to accommodate for me, but YOU DID IT ALL. YOU MADE IT HAPPEN & I CANNOT BE ANY MORE GRATEFUL.
— Priyanka P.
Customer reviews
I hope that you keep doing what you’re doing! Women deserve to feel beautiful, and the opportunity to rent/buy gowns like yours at an affordable price (and a stress-free rental process) is amazing! Thanks again!
— Jenna H.
Customer reviews
Super easy to work and communicate with. Very understanding and caring. So happy I chose to rent with Salt Gowns Rental!
— Darian D.

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