couple in stormy weather at the salt flats, in a suit and flowing black dress

Unfavorable weather doesn't always mean you will get subpar photos; in fact, at times, it can yield remarkable and exceptional results.

 couple at the salt flats, stormy sky, suit and flowing black dress

Raiven & Eric came all the way from Chicago to take engagements at the Salt Flats in Utah. The one day we had scheduled for the photoshoot.. there was a lingering storm.

 couple at the salt flats, stormy sky, white dress

However, this didn't stop us from obtaining AMAZING photographs. We would hide in the car, waiting for the heavy rain to ease off a bit, then quickly hopped out to capture some shots.

 close up of a couple hugging at the salt flats, white lace dress

The wind at the Salt Flats can get REALLY gusty! The Salt Flats are known for being a windzone.

 couple at the salt flats in a storm, suit and flowing black dress, windy


This leads to windswept hair and billowing dresses, which can actually result in stunning photos.


couple at the salt flats, woman in white lace dress 

Except, from a photographer's perspective, I couldn't help but feel sorry that their long journey to Utah (including the four-hour round trip to the Salt Flats) was filled with unpleasant weather conditions. So, we scheduled another shoot for the following day to give it another shot.

 couple at the salt flats, sunny day, white lace dress

On the next day, the sky was clear and the sun was shining.  But this caused another issue: the sunlight bouncing off the salt surface poses a challenge for those with sensitive eyes. Eric, in particular, struggled to keep his eyes open with the intense sunlight.

 women standing on the salt flats in a flowing black dress


So, we had to exercise some creativity, and unfortunately, we couldn't capture many great shots with Eric's face due to the intense sunlight. 


couple standing on the salt flats, man picked up and twirls woman in white lace dress


Surprisingly, the shots from the moody and stormy evening turned out to be some of our favorites! (see more photos below)

 drone shot of a couple at the salt flats

The takeaway here is that if you can adapt to the weather, you might just achieve remarkable outcomes, and in our case, we believe the photos turned out truly fantastic!

 woman on the salt flats in a flowing black dress


In addition, the dusky hues of the sunset's dark clouds evoked a captivating and enchanting atmosphere that resonated with their wedding theme so it ended up PERFECT!


couple kissing at the salt flats in black and white
Photographer: @beccaphoto
White Dress:  Lauren
Black Dress:  Stella