Esther Pearl - Sheer

Dress Size

Fits sizes 2-14 (adjustable back)

The sizing is ADJUSTABLE with a zipper & ribbon back style. The zipper CAN/WILL be loose for size under 12. It will fit a size 14 with the zipper fitted. Any sizes under 12, you just fold the extra material evenly and tighten up the back of the dress with the Ribbon covering the whole short zipper. Fits 32B and up to 38inch bust. 38D as the largest bust.

Dress Info

Tulle pearl dress, featuring a graceful off-the-shoulder design and long sleeves adorned with pearl buttons at the cuffs. This dress exudes timeless beauty, making it the perfect choice for your maternity photoshoot, whether you're amidst rolling hills, fields, or in a studio setting. When backlit or framed by the soft glow of sunrise or sunset, it beautifully highlights your baby bump silhouette. Crafted from the finest, high-quality tulle, this dress is beauty and was meticulously made in Europe.
Not for purchase, rental only.

Sheer from bust down with a high front slit. Perfect to show your bump or you can hold the dress lining closed with your hand from some photos. Recommendation: Wearing nude SPANDEX shorts with dress.

Tip: you can double up the ribbon once tightened onto your body for the that fuller ribbon look - Plan on 2-3 minutes to lace up the back of the dress. Have someone help tighten the dress for you (your photographer is a great option)

**This dress is a delicate dress with the Pearls sown on one layer of thin tulle. Please be mindful of your style of photo shoot. NOT suited for quick movements -can step on the dress that rip the tulle or pop off the delicate pearls.

Tip: when sitting DONT slid/drag please pick up your and move. When you slid it pops off the pearls when you dragged/slid.

Photos: @wearemattandjess

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