We ship to arrive 1-2 days BEFORE your photoshoot date (incase UPS has a rare day delay in shipping - we cannot control the shipping company)

You will receive the UPS tracking number as soon as we ship your dress via email

If you live in an apartment complex or area with possible theft concern - we can ship to your local UPS store for easy and safe pickup. Email us here now with any questions.


When opening the box be careful not to slice the dress

Hang up the dress bag to let any travel wrinkles fall out. You can carefully steam if needed

Hang on to the box (use it to return the dress)


If you wear self tanner - shower before wearing the dress

DO NOT spray your dress with perfume and avoid cigarette smoke (this will require extra cleaning when returned)

Do not wear jewelry or bracelets that will snag the dress. Be careful with your wedding ring too.

Be sure the bottom of the dress does not drag (causes fraying, holes, stains, etc.)

Watch car doors when getting in/out of cars so the dress does not get caught.

Watch your surroundings - people can step on it; trees, bushes & sticks can snag/tear the tulle

Your photographer should be able to help you put on and tighten your dress.


If you got weeds/grass/hair in the dress - pluck it out

If the dress gets dirty you can use a wet white hand towel and liquid laundry soap to gently spot clean (do not wash or dry clean the dress)

Hang up the dress


Place the dress back in the dress bag with the hanger. Once the dress is in the box, you can remove the hanger and place it on the side of the box (if it wont fit you can keep the hanger to save space).

PLEASE remember to return the rented spandex or bodysuit (if you rented them)

Drop off at the local UPS STORE (not access point or USPS post office)

Drop off your dress the FOLLOWING day after your photoshoot or you will be charged late return fees (see below)

Send us an email or DM letting us know that you dropped it off and the tracking number (you can send a photo of the shipping label or receipt)


Many of our dresses are booked back to back and late returns effect the next customer's rental.

If the dress is not returned the day after your photoshoot you will be charged $15-25 each additional day.

After 3 days you will owe another FULL RENTAL FEE.

If you fail to return the dress after 5 days your credit card will be charge for the FULL RETAIL COST of the dress - partial refund will be given if you still return it.

If it has not been returned after 1 week legal action will be taken.

Late fees will automatically be charged to the card on file when the dress is late.

We know you’ll love your dress as much as we do, and we want to make the process of renting as seamless as possible.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Super easy to work and communicate with. Very understanding and caring. So happy I chose to rent with Salt Gowns Rental!
— Darian D.
Customer reviews
I hope that you keep doing what you’re doing! Women deserve to feel beautiful, and the opportunity to rent/buy gowns like yours at an affordable price (and a stress-free rental process) is amazing! Thanks again!
— Jenna H.
Engagement Photo shoot in the Madison dress at the salt flats utah with becca photo
Customer reviews
Becca, you are one of the sweetest souls on Earth. This summer has been the most busiest summer especially following a pandemic, event after event, that I forgot about my photoshoot. I had DMed you super late (like a day before I was supposed to leave) and I did not expect you to message me back and I definitely did not expect you to accommodate for me, but YOU DID IT ALL. YOU MADE IT HAPPEN & I CANNOT BE ANY MORE GRATEFUL.
— Priyanka P.